January Check-In: I Didn’t Read My Own Damn Books

Six of the nineteen books I read in January were “mine.” 12a88-readmyowndamnbooksbutton

One of those was a Nook Book.

One was a book I bought from BookOutlet in December that arrived just before #24in48.

Two were egalleys that I count as “mine” because hey, they were technically Kindle books, right?

All the rest of the books I read were library books.

I know why this was: the hold shelf. I work for the public library, and every few weeks I look through the New and On Order list on the website to see what’s coming, both out of personal curiosity and for a potential angle for website content. Unfortunately, I also have no willpower, so I went through a period of putting books on hold as they interested me, instead of putting them on my For Later shelf as I do now (unless I really want to read them, like the new Beverly Jenkins novel or We Are Robin).

So yeah, the library books should be dwindling in number as the books I put on hold in October and November arrive at the library. I have got to read more of my own books.

It actually looks WORSE than this now.
It actually looks WORSE than this now.

If you leave out the 12 books I bought from BookOutlet in December (before I decided to join RMODB) and include my trip to the Ten Dollar Bag Sale at my local Friends of the Library, I bought well over 25 books this month alone. I have been more discerning when looking at the ebook deals, but I have let a couple slip through the cracks. I made a Goodreads tag called “read-sooner-rather-than-later”, going through my entire 5K+ to-read list and adding books I own and books that gave me the gut-twist when I thought about them, and I have a much smaller list to pull from now. I will allow myself to buy those, if I come across a good deal for them. Hopefully they will all just increase in price as the year progresses. I’ve got plenty to deal with here.

Part of my goal this year was to clear out my Nook App. I managed to finish one, Masque of the Red Death. It was an original concept, presented in quite a compelling way, and I enjoyed it far more than I expected to. Even with the unexpected triangle-ish thing that isn’t really a triangle? I dunno. There are more and I’m not frantic to read them so I’ll get to them when I get there. Whenever that may be.

I started a second Nook Book, Uninvited, which I was actually really interested in conceptually and stylistically, but then Ten Thousand Skies Above You showed up on the hold shelf and Claudia Gray is a #DropEverythingFor author for me. I should be able to put it on my Read-in-February list, if nothing else gets in the way.

We’ll see how well that goes.