Right in the feels: What the hell is this?

Here’s the deal: I read a lot of fluff.

I read to enjoy what I’m reading, to fall deeply in love with the characters whose heads I’m in, whether they might be nice people or horrible ones.

But I have noticed something about my reading recently: I’ve given more books four and five star ratings on Goodreads this year (and it’s barely half over) than I have in years past. Part of that can probably go to selection: I’ve spent less time reading (or continuing to read) books that I only have a vague interest in. Sure, I still read The Heavy Stuff on occasion, because I’m interested in them, too, and I have been known to give it four and five stars, but somehow I feel…a stronger attachment to every book I read.

Have increased empathy and sensitivity transferred themselves somehow to my reading to the point where I can’t pull myself out of it? I still read critically, of course, and will quit books if they involve plot points or squicks that turn me off or away. But I still find myself dropping into books and coming out so emotionally affected, and I don’t know why. As an older reader, what gets me so emotionally attached? Why does my empathy make me such a sap? I have read a couple books that have either given me such joy, or broken me so much, that I suffered some serious, severe book-hangover. The inability to move on isn’t old; I recall dwelling on things in the past. But to be so mentally incapacitated as to not be able to concentrate on something else as I tried to begin something else? That’s new. 

I dunno. Maybe it’s been there all along and I just haven’t been selecting the right books. Maybe a switch turned on when I turned 31 and now I won’t be able to escape it.

…Whatever. Time to go find some self-published, underdeveloped romance to edit in my head as I’m reading* to get over the emotional turmoil that was Gena/Finn.

*I am not saying all self-pubs are like this! I have read some great ones! I have just also read some that would have been awesome if they had just had more editing. Which I might try to get into…