October Goals: Get Better At This

This blog has been sporadic since I combined the backlogs of my two established blogs. I have been relatively okay at my monthly check-ins, but I haven’t been keeping to it as I should. The least I could do is a couple times a month, yeah? After the #blogathon my fellow Rioters and I challenged ourselves to before September began, I see that I can do more, and I can be more. I just have to figure out how to do that.

With that in mind, here are my blog goals for October:

  • Write more about music. The past several months have only had a few cursory references to music things, and I’ve put the ones I’ve considered on my Trello board and then done nothing with them. I made this a books AND music blog because I was having trouble maintaining a pair of blogs about different things, and now it’s just become a books one.
  • Don’t wait until I have writing mania to write. I’ve been writing in bursts instead of sitting down to write a little on the regular, and that has made my blog even more sporadic than it could be. If I don’t have ideas, don’t write, but I need to do habitual writing instead of that All The Things writing that I talked about at the end of my Fangirl review.
  • Plot out a writing plan for when I know I’ll be available and home. October is going to have quite a bit of outside activity for me, so I need to legit make the time. Cause I suck at keeping habits. The fact that I can form sentences is amazing.
  • Listen to the Trello Board. I make those things to keep my ideas, not send words into empty space. There are some blog topics that are probably fully written in my head but haven’t made it onto paper/screen yet. Just cause I’m lazy.

And then, of course, there’s always #readmyowndamnbooks, which I have been supremely failing at thanks to my own incapability to stay away from the library. (Not only do I work there, but I habitually check the new materials to do some of my work, and end up putting things on hold…and sometimes I just go after stuff that I know I’ll want to read. I wrote all about it on Book Riot a couple months ago.)

Basically, I need to figure out a way to read, write, clean out my DVR, watch new things that show up on Netflix and Amazon, go to choir, go to Mayhem, see new shows, and learn existing music all at the same time. My life would be so much more efficient that way.

Ugh. Here goes.

After I finish this book I’m reading.

And finally catch up on Supergirl.

And watch Luke Cage.

After rehearsal and performance at Tucson Pride tonight.