I Can’t Even Keep a Straight Face…

…Except it’s not happy laughter.

The last post I wrote was October Goals, in which my first goal was “get better at this.”

Ah ha. Ahahaha. Ha. Ha.


I had determined that not only would I try to keep up with what had become monthly check-ins, but I would produce regular material, about reading, about singing, about whatever might have come up.

I can’t blame anything but myself.

October was insanely busy, and I bit off way more than I could handle in varying commitments. You know that overwhelming feeling of having so much on your mind you can’t say anything at all? Yeah, even if I’d had the time to write for anyone besides the sites I have a byline for, I wouldn’t have been able to put any words together that would be anything close to interesting.

So, now that December is closing in, here are my goals for the rest of 2016:

  • Pull one post idea from my Trello board to write about (there are about 489, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue)
  • Recap November and December in books and music
  • Maybe write a little bit about my first viewing of Smallville and how I have been really good about waiting until I finish to look for OT3 fanfiction
  • End of the Year State of the Blog, including a wrap-up of my not-so-successful #readmyowndamnbooks campaign, and my inability to complete the Read Harder challenge.

Yeah. As my offline bookish, musical life continues to be overwhelming, I’m just gonna do my best to keep this up.

I say that every year.