While Jess spends her working hours as far from the books as you could possibly be in a library without going into the parking garage, she doesn’t let that stop her.  She has been a reader all her life and has long since learned how to talk about it beyond “I read this book, it was great!” and going into child pose when you ask her what her favorite book might be.

When she’s not reading or working, Jess spends her time staring blindly at her Netflix and Hulu watchlists, and as a troubador thespian who likes to wander into random music groups and make them keep her. So far she’s got a musical theater group and several choirs.

She contributes to Book Riot, where she also writes a special romance-focused newsletter called Kissing Books. She formerly wrote for The Hub, YALSA’s YA Lit blog, and spends any other writing time working on the NGAN.

See what she’s reading regularly on Goodreads.

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